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LAPTOP MOUNT Steering Wheel Laptop Mount SWWS

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SWWS is new to the marketplace.
Laptop computers are necessities in business, especially for those whose work takes them by car between customer and division locations. Between visits, a user must often use the laptop to prepare for an upcoming visit or to process the results of a just concluded one. In addition, the user may need to communicate with his home location to check and respond to messages received in his absence. When seeking to use a laptop in a car, the user encounters serious difficulties. Most importantly, there is the need to present the laptop keyboard at a comfortable and ergonomically desirable angle and position and the need to present the display in such a manner as not to lead to vision or muscle strain. What is Ergonomics? Ergonomics comes from the Greek words “ergos” meaning work and “nomos” meaning natural law. Ergonomics is essentially fitting the task to the worker and the product to the user. The benefits of ergonomics include improved comfort and productivity as well as reduced injuries and illnesses. Ergonomics is important in offices, industrial areas, and most important, the use of a laptop in a parked automobile!
A healthier way to get the job done.